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Where to Do Your Holiday Shopping in Escanaba This Year

Well, that was fast. After a mild summer and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fall, we’re back to cold, snowy weather. There’s one bright spot, of course: plenty of holiday cheer. From the lights and wreaths adorning downtown Escanaba to the beautiful decorations popping up in the city’s neighborhoods, the Christmas spirit is alive and well here.

If you’re looking to spend your hard-earned holiday shopping dollars right here in Escanaba, we’d be happy to have you. Skip the long drive to Marquette or Green Bay and check out these popular, locally owned businesses.

Mr. Bike, Ski & Fitness

Mr. Bike, Ski & Fitness is possibly the best all-around sports outfitter in Escanaba. If you have active friends or family members, you should definitely check this place out before wrapping up your holiday shopping. Whether you’re looking for fat bikes, bike accessories, cold-weather gear, snowboards, skis or branded apparel, you’ll find it at Mr. Bike. And if you’re looking to take some guests out into the beautiful wilderness that surrounds our hometown, Mr. Bike’s owners and staff will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Sayklly’s Confectionery & Gifts

Sayklly’s Confectionery & Gifts is an Upper Peninsula tradition. With locations in Escanaba and Marquette, this is a great place to pick up signature chocolates, fudges and caramels as well as U.P.-centric gift items and home goods. Sayklly’s also ships far and wide, so don’t be afraid to recommend it to your non-Yooper friends (or visit its website if you live downstate or in Wisconsin).

The Morrison Shop

The Morrison Shop is a top-tier clothier in the heart of downtown Escanaba’s Ludington Street business district. Whether you’re looking for trendy threads or warm-weather gear to get you through the coming winter, Morrison can probably hook you up. The company is also a big booster in the local community, organizing or participating in events like Moonlight Madness and more.

Positively! The Center for Success

Positively! The Center for Success is a newer shop that sells locally made apparel — like its super popular Michigan mittens — and home goods like scented candles. This is a great way to support U.P. entrepreneurs while stocking up on gift items for the holidays.

Get Your Buzz on at UP North Roast’s New Escanaba Shop

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you probably know that the beans in your favorite cup of Joe don’t grow in the U.P. In fact, they don’t grow anywhere near Michigan – or even the mainland United States. As a fickle tropical shrub, coffee grows best at higher elevations in places like Costa Rica, Hawaii and Colombia.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have gourmet, fresh-roasted coffee right here in Delta County. As consumers have become more demanding about the taste of their morning jolt, homegrown roasters have cropped up just about everywhere.  One such local success story is UP North Roast, a Gladstone-based father-son operation that will soon be opening a new retail location in Escanaba. Owners Gary (father) and Jacob (son) Cass truly have something to be proud of here.

The UP North Roast Story

Like many homegrown businesses, UP North Roast started small. According to its website, “it all started with an air popcorn popper and a desire for better coffee.” From a small, home-based business that sold mostly to Delta County locals, UP North Roast has grown into a new shop in Gladstone. From there, it packages and sells its beans at Supervalu in Gladstone and Elmer’s in Escanaba.

The business is just getting off the ground, so UP North Roast’s beans aren’t as widely available as some other Michigan roasters’. But there’s another exciting development that needs to be talked about!

Opening Soon In Escanaba…

That’s right: UP North Roast is opening a new location in downtown Escanaba! Originally slated for a mid-summer opening, the date was pushed back a bit. But the intent remained the same (and eventually came to fruition): to bring top-quality coffee to folks who live and work in Delta County’s biggest city. According to a recent article in UP Second Wave, the shop is located in the 500 block of Ludington Street, right near Escanaba’s busiest stores and restaurants. It features a “roastery” that processes beans into brewable form, as well as a packaging facility that readies them for distribution to local businesses and consumers. Thanks to this new shop, it’s likely that UP North Roast will soon be available at more cafes and restaurants across Delta County.

According to Jacob, UP North is capable of making the following roasts, in order of lightest to darkest:

  • Light city roast, which can also be called “breakfast roast” (though that’s not a technical term)
  • City roast
  • Full city plus roast
  • Vienna roast
  • French roast
  • Italian roast

After Italian, says Jacob, things go downhill quickly. More likely than not, beans that cook too long beyond this stage will become virtually undrinkable. But that’s okay, because the Casses take pride in the precision with which they brew their coffee. And each of its packages includes a “roasted on” date, so you can determine exactly how fresh it is. Larger roasters rarely take this step.

Not in Town? Buy Online!

Jacob clearly has ambitious plans for UP North Roast. In the Second Wave interview, he expressed interest in “covering the entire U.P.” with his family company’s beans. The new Escanaba shop will get him and his dad a long way toward that goal. Happily, though, you don’t have to live near – or visit – Escanaba or Gladstone to taste the UP North Difference. The company sells more than a half-dozen roasts at its online store and offers free shipping on all orders. Talk about a deal!

So grab your bag of UP North Roast and get ready to face the day with a superior cup of U.P.-brewed Joe – no matter where you happen to be at the moment.

Escanaba is Pure Michigan Press Release

For Immediate Release
Contact: Rick Elrod – Bays de Noc Convention and Visitors Bureau
906-789-7862 |

Escanaba is Pure Michigan

Escanaba, Michigan – In an effort to increase tourism interest in Delta County, the Bays de Noc Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) has teamed up with MEDC/Travel Michigan to create an advertising campaign for Escanaba as part of the State’s ongoing Pure Michigan campaign.
As the state of Michigan’s tourism marketing organization, MEDC/Travel Michigan launched the Pure Michigan campaign in 2006. With ads featuring commonly themed music and the voice of Actor Tim Allen, a Michigan native, the campaign has become one of the most successful state marketing campaigns in the country.

With a budget of $120,000, half of which was paid by the Bays de Noc Convention and Visitors Bureau, and half matched by the State, the campaign will include a one minute radio advertisement, digital advertising and an Escanaba hot-spot page on the Pure Michigan web site

Refuel is the theme of the advertisement, focusing on the assets of the Escanaba area and Delta County. The ad highlights the importance of abundant natural resources of the county and the small town vibe of Escanaba, by suggesting,

“…when the road of life gets a little rough, we also need to refuel. Refuel our minds. Refuel our friendships. And there’s no better place to renew ourselves than Escanaba.”

During the brand identity development process of creating the ad, representatives from Travel Michigan spent a few days touring Escanaba and Delta County. “The Escanaba area is a natural paradise with its three peninsulas each offering a unique discovery, miles of trails and world-class fishing. With welcoming towns that offer local flavor and historic sites that share its rich history. Our Pure Michigan/Escanaba area partnership campaign will tell that story,” said Ken Yarsevich, Advertising Specialist for MEDC/Travel Michigan.

Based on research conducted by D.K. Shifflet, the leading U.S. travel research firm contracted by MEDC/Travel Michigan, the 60 second radio ad will be aired in the suggested target markets of: Traverse City and Milwaukee, beginning May 12th and will run through August 17th. The campaign will carry through the fall season in the Milwaukee market as well.

In addition to the Pure Michigan campaign, the CVB has just completed a website redesign. Formerly, the new site is now Although the CVB represents member businesses throughout the county, keyword research indicated that potential visitors search the term “Escanaba” approximately 10 times more often than “Bays de Noc” or “Delta County”. The results of this research along with advice from Travel Michigan suggested the change of the web URL in order to increase web traffic.

Gary Micheau, Board President of the Bays de Noc CVB, stated,” We are excited to be a part of such a great state campaign and looking forward to an increase in overnight stays in our area as a result of our investment with Pure Michigan.”

For more information go to, or call 906-789-7862.